The Future of Masks

Introducing the Patented X-Bio Mask System

X-Bio Mask

Front of the X-Bio Mask Cartridge

The cartridge incorporates a licensed pattern of embedded microcell batteries that generate an electrical forcefield within 4 millimeters of the cartridge surface.

Rigorous scientific studies by independent laboratories have demonstrated that this technology disrupts viruses.

X-Bio Mask

Inside the X-Bio Mask Cartridge

Open cell foam material helps retain the proper amount of ambient and user breath moisture to activate the electroceutical properties of the microcell cartridge.

Made in the USA

X-Bio masks are proud to can say we are 100% manufactured in the United States and we are 100% Berry Amendment Compliant. The Berry Amendment requires all parts and components to be made in the United States of America.

The mask kills the COVID – 19 virus immediately on contact, or any other virus for that matter. The key component to the mask is a fabric material developed by DARPA over 10 years ago. The material, once moistened with tap water or a saline mist, becomes a battery and provides an electrical charge that kills all viruses on contact.

Garry E. HallNational Security Professional, Former Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director to the White House

A mask that really works and is available to the general public. As a Senior Citizen I worry about Covid, As a RN I know that cloth surgical mask provides little protection to the wearer. The N95 mask is typically reserved for medical personnel and is for single use only. In addition it uses multi-blown polypropylene as its protective element which is in short supply. The X-Bio Mask uses a cartridge that has a microcell battery coating that provides an electrical force field that protects against microorganisms like covid 19. It contains cotton, copper and silver combined with moisture to activate the electrical charge which alters the virus so that it isn't able to infect anyone. The X-Bio Mask has many advantages. The barrier cartridge is easily replaced and lasts for 30 days up to 90 depending on use. After wearing it I find it very comfortable. It provides a seal around your mouth and nose and is easy to breath through it. And my personal favorite is that is doesn't fog up your glasses when wearing it. After reading about the X-Bio Mask and wearing it I can fully endorse it and recommend you use it.

Mona FieldsEdD, RN

What does Electroceutical mean?

With a first of it’s kind, cartridge technology, the X-Bio mask creates a force field with electroceutical technology. The mask’s cartridge has microcells of Zinc and Silver on the fabric that when hyrdrated, even just from talking through the mask, creates a battery powered forcefield, like your own personal virus killing shield.

The cartridge creates a forcefield around your body that kills micro-organisms like the covid-19 virus.

Imagine a bug zapper. The virus tries to get in or out of the cartridge but this zinc and silver powered forcefield zaps the virus in-effective.

A virus’s ability to travel through this forcefield is equivalent to a cars ability to drive through 22 miles of raging forest fires.

The X-Bio mask is 100% made in the USA and 100% recyclable.

Get Back to Living with the X-Bio Mask

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