X-Bio Mask


The X-Bio Mask is the first of its kind source control mask.

It effectively disrupts the virus for the wearer and others by scrubbing the wearers exhalation eliminating the issue of cross-contamination.

  • 100% All American Made
  • Everything is Recyclable
  • Comfort of use, no constant readjustment
  • Super lightweight
  • ADM Synthetic Rubber to Avoid Rashes
  • The only mask you’ll ever have to buy
X-Bio Mask

Front of the X-Bio Mask Cartridge

The cartridge incorporates a licensed pattern of embedded microcell batteries that generate an electrical forcefield within 4 millimeters of the cartridge surface.

Rigorous scientific studies by independent laboratories have been demonstrated that this technology kills viruses.

X-Bio Mask

Inside the X-Bio Mask Cartridge

Open cell foam material helps retain the proper amount of ambient and user breath moisture to activate the electroceutical properties of the microcell filter.

Made in the USA

X-Bio masks are proud to can say we are 100% manufactured in the United States and we are 100% Berry Amendment Compliant. The Berry Amendment requires all parts and components to be made in the United States of America.


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