Who invented the Livinguard Technology?

Sanjeev Swamy – inventor, founder and CEO of Livinguard AG, a creative person by nature.

Sanjeev first conceived of Livinguard Antiviral and Antimicrobial Technology in 2010 when posed with a challenge from a British Brigadier General. More than 65,000 experiments later, he has created a variety of solutions to a number of hygiene problems. For over a decade, Sanjeev Swamy has been researching to create ecologically sustainable ways for mankind to benefit from: be it a community water filter which runs without electricity or developing a waterproof and anti-bacterial fabric for soldiers – one they could wear for weeks without the bother of washing or odor – Sanjeev has been providing simple solutions to critical problems. Having developed innovative and environmentally conscious solutions in health, water purification and menstrual hygiene (Saafkins), using similar technology, Sanjeev looks to leveraging his technological prowess to activate various global social impact programs. With Livinguard Technology, Sanjeev is determined to enhance the safety and better the health of billions of people the world over.

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